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Beauty Therapy Floatation

Beauty Therapy Floatation

Written by Anton 09.02.2016

Eliminating stress and its effect on your body will help you feel and look great.

Tension plays a major part in the appearance of your skin, but the sense of wellbeing that floatation delivers means that you will be radiating confidence and energy in no time.

Mothers have been promoting the benefits of Epsom Salts for hundreds of years and of course, mum really does know best. Floating in Epsom Salts makes your skin softer, smoother, and draws toxins such as lactic acid away from your body.

“Women reap the most beneficial rewards. Sessions in a tranquillity tank unknot forehead tension and relax tightened strings of the face. ‘I look and feel ten years younger,’ is not an uncommon comment. Plastic surgeons have always understood the aging factor of tension. When muscles behind the skin are in stress, they are reflected on the skin’s surface. When tensions are removed, the skin becomes as uncomplicated as a baby’s smooth visage.” – New York Post

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