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Float Culture is now franchising its well-established brand across New Zealand with a unique portable float therapy system called RESTMOD that helps reduce costs and ensure a world class float experience for your customers.

Float Culture is set apart by our company culture, branding and commitment to excellence and unique Modular Floatation Facility System (RESTMOD). By joining Float Culture you are not only joining a successful team of experts but also a family tied together by common goals, values and inspiration to change the world. We treat all our franchisees as whanau. We value collaboration, we share knowledge, listen and grow together.

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+ Why Franchise with Float Culture?

Over the past 5 years we have developed unique and most effective operations, marketing and HR systems to make your float business a breeze. Our name is well established and recognized, helping to bring brand recognition that will help bring customers to your location, along with a unique RESTMOD system that brings years of experience together into a simplified system to easily run float sessions with confidence.

  • Float Culture has a validated business model and affiliate vendors in place to assist you in all aspects of your business.
  • A dedicated marketing & advertising team that work to promote all Float Culture locations, including yours.
  • We are committed to your success and have 24/7 support tools and systems in place to guide you
  • It could be intimidating to start your own business by yourself, we there to help you every step of the way. You will have Float Culture team by your side working on your business success.

+ What is the RESTMOD float therapy system?

With Float Culture you will be running your float business with our unique Modular Floatation Facility System (RESTMOD), which offers a combination of advantages that are currently unmatched by other float tanks. It’s a “plug and play” solution that is modular and mobile that you can add on to your current business location.

REST Module is designed and built by qualified professionals who understand the unique requirements of a floatation centre setup, eliminating the mistakes by local builders who might not be familiar with float industry specifics that can end up costing thousands of dollars.

  • RESTMOD offers lower risks, lower investment and higher returns.
  • Complete portability, all you need is a hose, connection to a drain/sewage and a power line.
  • Germ + Mould Resistant Surfaces: All surfaces in the RESTMOD that come in contact with water are designed and made to be germ and mould resistant, super easy to clean and maintain cleanliness.
  • Audio system with in float music mute button and float cycle remote control with AUX port for client music.
  • Vibration + Sound + Light Proof: Designed to match and exceed sound insulation standards of a concrete building, providing the user with a total sensory deprivation experience.
  • Enhanced Filtration System: We use industry best filtration system and enhanced it with our skimming waterfall feature for total water cleanliness and purity. Water solution is filtered & treated with ultra violet rays & hydrogen peroxide to purify the saline water (the very high salt concentration alone will kill all bugs in the water).

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+ Will I receive Training?

Yes. You will receive training at one of our corporate stores and an operations team will work with you when opening your Float Culture location.

+ How do I find a location and build My Float Culture Centre?

Our team will work with you to find the perfect spot for your float centre and arrange consents if needed.

+ How much will it cost to open a Float Culture Franchise?

Initial investment start from $189k + gst.

+ How much are the Royalty fees?

Royalties are 7.5%

+ Can I add RESTMOD to my existing business?

Absolutely. Your existing practice will not be subject to the Franchise Agreement. Complete the form and ask us for more information!

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