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Why You Should Get Mom a Float For Mother’s Day

Why You Should Get Mom a Float For Mother’s Day

Written by Anton 03.05.2019
Why You Should Get Mom a Float For Mother’s Day 

“What should I get my mother for mother’s day?” “What should I buy mum that she will actually like?” and “Unique gifts for mother’s day 2019” are all sitting in my recent search history.

My mother is notoriously hard to get gifts for- Jewelry makes her skin break out, she hates bouquets & can’t keep live plants living.

She doesn’t like chocolate, massages or anything found on the lists of ‘Gifts Your Mother Will Love’ and she most definitely lives too far away to whisk away for brunch.

While pondering all of this, I remembered that my local float centre sells gift certificates, andddd BOOM my problem was solved.

Giving a hard working mother the gift of relaxation seems so obvious that I’m not sure how anyone will be unwrapping anything else on May 12th. If you’re still on the fence about what to get the mothers in your life, allow me to share my reasoning:

1. Moms work HARD & rarely get enough time to themselves (driving to pick up the kiddos does NOT count). An hour of sweet, blissful silence is probably pretty rare in her life.

2. Everyone is affected by stress & mothers often take on everyone else’s. Float tanks are well known for helping to reduce stress & anxiety. Some people report feeling more relaxed for days following their float session.

3. Pregnancy can mean a bit more weight and a whole lot less comfort. Floating is a great way for pregnant ladies to take some of that pressure off their bodies.
(For the record, my mother is not pregnant, but my bestie is, so she’s getting a mother’s day float too!)

4. Mothers tend to get busy taking care of other people, instead of themselves. Taking the time out to relax in a float tank is about so much more than that hour – it’s about making themselves a priority for a brief (and wonderful) moment in time.

5. Cheeky on my behalf, but this incredibly thoughtful gift is also super easy to sort out. Skip the shopping mall and have mom’s gift sorted in the time it takes for a website to load?! I’m all in.

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