Auckland’s floatation tank centre
for the well-being of body and mind

At Float Culture – Auckland’s Floatation Tank Centre we believe that regular floating helps us and our clients to develop a more positive outlook on life. This creates a flow-on effect of a profound change in personal behaviours, as well as the way we treat ourselves and others. We believe the state of mind one develops in the floatation tank can lead to better decisions in life, affecting our community as a whole and leading to a positive change in the society.

Floating has an incredible array of benefits for your body, mind & soul — many that you can only get within the tank. All of our clients have different reasons to float, whether it’s to reduce stress and restore balance in our lives, achieve a deeper state of meditation, or unleashing our creativity.

What happens in the tank is only part of the experience, it is the feeling and the outlook on life you develop in the dark serenity of the floatation tank creates a change in individuals’ lives, their relationship with their families and community as a whole.

Our aim is to strengthen floatation culture in New Zealand by promoting floatation therapy as a regular practice, that positively impacts public health, wellbeing and a general feeling of happiness. Relaxing the world one float at a time!