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Relax and release body tension with
massage therapy

Massage therapy

Melt away stress and tension with a massage experience designed just for you. At Float Culture, our dedicated massage therapists are passionate about creating a personalized treatment that addresses your specific needs. Whether you're seeking deep relaxation, targeted muscle relief, or improved mobility, we have a massage for you.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety: Massage therapy is a powerful tool for combating stress and promoting relaxation.

Improved Sleep Quality: A relaxed body leads to a more restful night's sleep.

Enhanced Circulation: Massage therapy can improve blood flow, promoting overall wellness.

Pain Relief: Massage can help alleviate muscle tension and pain, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Increased Flexibility: Massage can help improve your range of motion and flexibility.

Available at these locations: Grafton

Massage techniques

  • Deep Tissue

    It focuses on trigger-pressure points releasing knots and tension in deeper layers. Also, it unlocks lactic acid storage in muscles. This technique aims for a comfortable pressure which then is regulated by the client’s deep breaths till the knot is released. A long time of build-up tension may need regular sessions at first and overall lifestyle assessment to prevent regression.

  • Relaxation Massage

    Using massage strokes that are designed to increase circulation and reduce muscle tension, you’ll leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

  • Sports Massage

    Uses a variety of techniques to assist your recovery during training and improve your performance. If you are competing in any sport we can help you keep your muscles and body in top physical condition.

  • Hot Stone Massage

    Heat soothes tired, over-used muscles, eases cramping also stimulates circulation and blood flow. One stroke with a hot stone at allowed 48 degrees is equivalent to 10 regular massage strokes but can be lowered depending on the client’s body heat sensitivity. The warmth penetrates muscle layers quicker eliminating tension and discomfort.

  • Pregnancy Massage

    From 4 months of pregnancy and clearance from the leading health practitioner. It helps to relax tired and overstretched back, neck and shoulders, reduces leg swelling by stimulating lymphatic drainage and increases overall well-being. It is performed on each side of the body and in a half-sit position with lots of pillows to minimize discomfort leaving the body rejuvenated.

  • Myofascial Cupping Massage

    Myofascial Cupping Massage involves the application of cups onto the skin with manually adjustable suction. The area is first warmed up by using hot stones and Swedish Massage. Created comfortable pressure causes local vessel dilation and increases blood and lymphatic circulation. Lift and glide motion across the area releases soft tissue tension and enhances mobilization. Next cups are placed stationary for 5-10min with an optional stretch exercise to intensify the effect. As no active heat is induced, there is no risk of burning and blistering. Skin reaction involves circular cupping marks, and red skin due to vasodilation or bruise lasting from a couple of hours to a week depending on skin sensitivity.

    This technique is contraindicated for clients with clotting disorder and on anticoagulant medications, also with various arterial and venous illnesses (varicose and spider veins) and during pregnancy.

Single sessions & packages

Chocolate Massage 60
Hot Stone 90 min
45 Minute Massage
60 Minute Massage