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Rapid rehabilitation and injury prevention

Rapid rehabilitation and injury prevention

Written by Anton 09.08.2016

It was concluded that the implementation of imagery alongside physical rehabilitation should enhance the rehabilitation experience and, therefore, facilitate the recovery rates of injured athletes.

Researchers think that Floatation Therapy can help reduce tension though a few major pathways. The first is simply by providing zero-gravity like environment for your body that prompts complete muscular relaxation for an extended period of time. Spending an hour in a completely relaxed muscular state may reduce the overall muscle tension which is causing the pain.

  • Accelerated post training and peak performance recovery
  • Improved circulation and increased oxygen helps heal injuries faster
  • Minor injuries inhibited from becoming major problems
  • Helps eliminate risks of over-training or muscular tension
  • Effectively alleviates pain by boosting endorphins and taking the weight off tired, sore muscles and joints

“Relaxed muscles are likely to heal faster than tired, tight and knotted muscles. The athlete emerges from the floatation pod alert but in a state of deep relaxation. The effects can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.” – Sportsinjuryclinic.net

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