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Float Tank the New Dimension

Written by Anton 01.04.2020

“The flotation tank is a window, a portal. Into another part of the universe. One which is within us always.

Float down the river, of your own subconscious. Through the bends and burbling books.

Be surprised by your waterfalls, and the depth of your lakes. Discover the ecology. Make friends with the beings, which occupy your mind.” – Camilo

Sometimes at the end of a float, you feel halfway gone, a little fuzzy. Like a part of you is still in that other place, drifting. Loosely following your body through the hall and out into the lounge. Your senses are pleasantly sharp, but you’re not altogether there to interpret them. The tea pulls you in, an anchor. Peppermint on your tongue, the hot liquid heavy. You realise you’d forgotten you were even a person, and not a transcendental being floating through space and time.

What if that being is what you really are?

What if in the tank you’re dislodged from this reality, the bonds holding you down are loosened. You’re released, disconnected, out of the matrix, like a plug from a switchboard; totally free. And what if as you tune back into reality, out in the lounge holding your tea, you begin to realise that it is not the same reality that you vacated only an hour before.  What if the new reality is slower, more relaxed. Sounds are a little smoother, smiles a little wider.

Quantum multiverse theory, using the many-world interpretation, leads us to the popular conclusion that the reality we currently inhabit is not the only one. Simplified, it states that every time a particular quantum particle behaves one way and not another, descending from an undefined superposition only when it is measured, the timeline of the universe is split into two diverging realities. Using this scrappily and probably inadequately explained a bit of complicated theoretical physics, let us suppose that with every act…

You step into a new dimension of reality.

When you do a kind act you not only improve the experience of another, you enter the dimension where that kindness was done and exit the dimension in which it wasn’t. Thus every kind act, every righteous, honest and virtuous act, brings you into a new reality. One which is itself kinder, more virtuous.

The Buddhists say that reincarnation happens from moment to moment: each moment you reincarnate into a new version of you. It’s true after all that your physical body isn’t exactly the same as I was 5 seconds ago. A few cells have died off, and a few have been created. In fact, you don’t share a single cell in common with the ‘you’ of 7 years ago. Framed this way it is easier to see how your actions follow you into later ‘incarnations’, but another way to view it is that you choose which body you incarnate into through every action, every choice.

For those stubborn Scientifics out there I’ll admit this may not be real, objective. But reality never is. Our experience never is. Play this game, dive in and tell me it doesn’t make your day brighter. Sink into the thick, silky water of the tank and take a bullet train through spacetime to the dimension where you believe in magic, where you come out and your problems don’t just seem less important, they are less important. Because the truth is they were and always will be exactly as important as you see them to be.

As the world solidifies around you, as the sounds become sharper and your thoughts more prominent, will yourself to materialise in that dimension where the float had the best effect. Where things are brighter and happier. Where you’re more positive and even the people around you have a brighter disposition. Not because they can sense your resonant energies, or anything woo-woo like that, but simply because that’s what happens in this dimension. There is less anger in the new dimension, your spouse is more grateful to be with you and, more importantly, you are more grateful to be with them. 

Today notice all the beautiful, positive facets of the world, and walk this earth anew.

Take the plunge, step inside, the crystal clear water. Float through matter. Treat each float, as an opportunity to emerge afresh. Into a reality where you gave yourself, real love. And allowed to deepen. Your love for everything else. – Camilo


By Camilo

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