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Self Improvement

Self Improvement: Endorphin rush enhances learning, facilitates self improvement

Written by Anton 09.08.2016

Endorphins, the hormones that make us feel good, float liberally through your mind during your floatation experience, letting go of pain, worry, anxiety and body fat… natural appetite suppressants and conducive to increased future activity, floatation is a useful tool in your weight loss arsenal, and a powerful aide to overcoming addictive behaviours (tobacco, alcohol and drug addictions).

Natural opiates, endorphins suppress the pain of exercise, reduce stressful withdrawal symptoms and induce a feeling of total relaxation, wellbeing and even euphoria.

After testing the effects of floatation on learning and thinking, and how it affected visualisers and verbalisers, Professor Thomas Taylor of Texas A&M University found that the “float group” appeared to visualise better than the non-float group – “producing significantly higher amounts of theta waves, which are known to be associated with strong mental imagery”.

“I’m just at the beginning stages, but the floatation has amazing potential for use by artists, by designers, by people like myself who do technical work, by anyone, really, who works with his brain. Of course, my colleagues don’t quite understand what I’m doing.” – Seth Green

The floating experience is proven to bring about relaxation and focussed attention because:

  • Sensory deprivation: Allows you to concentrate on yourself
  • Deep relaxation: Opens you to suggestion, positive thoughts and attitudes
  • Chemical changes: Hormones released into your body favour clear thinking, improved memory and enhanced problem solving abilities
  • Heightened suggestibility: In your theta state, the mind is open to uncritical acceptance of large amounts of information
  • Hemispheric cooperation: Research shows that floating increases access to the right hemisphere and results in synchronisation between the two hemispheres
  • Absence of distractions: Sensory deprivation allows you to focus on the study material
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