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Floating Mums | Sera Lilly & Floatation Tank

Floating Mums | Sera Lilly & Floatation Tank

Written by Anton 10.02.2015

It’s not easy being a mum. I know this because I have one, and I’ve seen up close the effects of motherhood. She has a few more wrinkles than she used to, and perhaps even a grey hair or two. She has considerably less money than she might have otherwise, and there’s a lot of personal sacrifice in raising two stubborn and anachronistic boys while running your own business. What my mum also has, though, are two sons that love her. Sons with empathy, determination and relatively firm morals. She still has two stubborn and anachronistic boys, but they’re on their way to being decent men, and that’s gotta be pretty rewarding.

Like my mum, mother-of-four Sera Lilly raised her kids while building a business from the ground up. Lilly is the mind and body behind fat2fit, a blog and web store chronicling her 40kg weight loss journey and health and fitness philosophy, with over 30,000 followers on Facebook. She is also in the process of launching Sera Lilly Curves, a plus-sized clothing line in collaboration with Pagani, which opens in two locations later this year.

“I have an extremely stressful life,” she says. “I run my own business, I commute an hour forty each day, and I’m mother to four kids. I sleep maximum four hours a night because I have a really active brain.”

Lilly recently discovered a powerful aid, however; the tanks at Float Culture. After trying everything to reduce her stress, Lilly saw Float Culture in her newsfeed and knew she had to give it a go.

“That first float was amazing.” she says. “It was euphoric, a really natural high.”

And the benefits were immediately apparent.

“I found I slept much better. I could cope with stress better, situations that would normally stress me out weren’t such a big deal. I was a lot calmer with the kids.”

The lack of sensory stimulus gave Lilly the chance to be truly alone and centred. Free from life’s endless demands, all competing for attention, Lilly had space to breathe. She was hooked.

“I realised that yes I’m a parent, and a wife, and a business owner, but I’m also a person, and it’s important to take the time for myself. If I’m stressed out around my kids and my husband, then I’m not giving them all of myself.”

Lilly was hooked, and began recommending floatation to her friends and through her blog.

“I’m constantly telling people to try these natural things,” she says. “Even for fat loss – if you’re stressed, your body is going to hold on to weight, so it’s good for that too. And the place is so beautiful. The staff are really nice, Anton is awesome.

“It’s so good, it sounds like it’s fake. It’s something you have to experience. If you’re a mum, you and a girlfriend could go in, and get your husband to look after the kids.”

The day after I spoke to Sera, she was back in the tank, preparing for the launch of her upcoming range, and taking the time to work on herself in order to be better for her family.

“It’s about quality, not quantity,” she says.

Treat your mum this Mother’s Day with a float at Float Culture


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