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Jennifer White tries Isomind Programme

Jennifer White tries Isomind Programme

Written by Anton 06.01.2020

The Isomind Programme has the potential to help change your life for the better- but you need to do the work.

For me, the idea of finding time to float twice a week sounded incredible- and impossible. Time-wise, I was just scraping by… it felt like all of my time was already reserved for dealing with my work, my problems, my anxiety & occasionally sleeping. I couldn’t imagine cramming anything else into it- but I also couldn’t imagine keeping up with this highly ineffective & exhausting lifestyle.

Absolutely certain that something needed to change, I booked a float session and walked through the doors at Float Culture, expecting a miracle.

What I most hoped to achieve – Presence of mind.

Sounds lame, but hear me out… how much time to we spend obsessing over our to-do lists or trying to reason our way through less-than-awesome thoughts? For me, the answer is A LOT.

My brain spends a stupid amount of time telling me all about my failings as a human being… and because I’m too busy to look at these thoughts I just believe them. Then, in all the spare 10 second or 5-minute slots in my day, I obsess over what my brain said earlier.

‘Maybe my brain IS right, maybe I AM a failure at everything I’ve ever touched.’

‘Wait, what was I supposed to be doing right now?’ Then I spend the next ten minutes trying to remember what I was trying to do and end up being late for everything (as always). This negative & disorganised thinking was costing me a lot- time, energy, life.

As I contemplated doing this programme I knew that if I could create some good habits to save time & change the thought patterns I could completely change my life, and I was pretty determined to change my life.

What I found during the program was that the time I spent cultivating these habits was directly related to my success. I can’t be sure that I got the time back in the form of a free mind & productivity but I’m beginning to suspect that might be the case. It wasn’t as simple as ‘float once and all your problems dissolve’ though (sadly), I did indeed have to do the work.

In this case, ‘work’ meant:
  • Heading into Float Culture to do two floats per week
  • Creating actionable & measurable goals
  • Spending time doing honest reflection & journaling
  • Putting thought into the mini assignments
  • Dedicating time to creating new habits

…and trusting the process.

Not super easy, but enjoyable, enlightening & totally life-changing.*

*Please note, as I did, that these changes (like any) require you to keep up with them to hold on to them. Meditating once doesn’t keep you calm forever. Floating once doesn’t make you anxiety free forever & pointing at a great new habit doesn’t mean you reap the benefits forever (unless you stick with it). I can make one promise though… it will be worth it 🙂

By Jennifer White

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