The pandemic may have been one of the most stressful periods for every business. One of the best, quickest ways to anxiety relief is fun, especially humour, in the workplace. Whether your team works remotely or in the office, a little bit of fun goes a long way. If you’re looking to relieve some of […]

The mental and physical impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the drastic changes in our lifestyle is undeniable at this point. Those who have had trouble coping with these challenging times have begun to experiences symptoms of depression and anxiety. These mental health conditions are proven disruptors of sleep. Aside from their serious impact on […]

  We live in a hyperconnected world where we connect with more people and things than ever before, causing our attention to be glued to our phones and PC screens. We share our experiences literally with thousands of people in an instant, but often it feels that something is missing like it’s not enough.  Despite all […]

Restless nights, fever dreams and unsatisfactory dozes. We all know what it feels like to get a bad night’s rest, some of us too well. Some of us way too well, for way way way too many nights in a  row. A lack of sleep builds up. It wears on your body, it wears on […]

“Before finding float culture, I was stressed —to say the least.  I was a contractor and my contract was due to end with no future opportunities in sight. . . I became exhausted losing sleep every night, tossing and turning, as I worried about the next day . . . It was tough going to […]

I first introduced floatation and meditation into my life a few years ago, and have watched myself progress through many personal lessons and developments.  I have seen radical shifts in my mood, my emotional intelligence and general awareness, and a lot of this I owe to the insights and serenity I have been able to […]

For thousands of years, people have wondered at the complexity and beauty of the human experience. Theologists and philosophers have strived to explain it for centuries, contextualise it. Now, due to the recent surge in neuroscience studies and technology, we’re gaining a deeper and deeper understanding of our own mind. The experience I’m most interested […]

Floating tends to occupy this special place in our minds. One of peace, tranquillity, even spirituality. I certainly think of it as a reprieve, a reset, all but guaranteed to make me feel better no matter the state I’m in. But is there a limit to this conception? As we know ‘not all floats are […]

By now we all know the powerful effect that floating has on us.  We know that one session tends to provide relaxation for multiple days after a float, and most of us are aware that floating has a cumulative effect- that we relax more quickly + deeply when we’ve been floating on the regular… But, […]

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