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Experience the theta brain state

Experience the theta brain state

Written by Anton 09.08.2016

Associated with meditation, intuition, memory and creativity, the theta brain state is where the magic happens… it’s the place where you access your subconscious to discover inspiration, intuition, receptivity and vivid imagery.

It is the place for:

  • Creativity and intuition
  • Vivid imagining
  • Re-programming your mind
  • Visualisation
  • Dream recall
  • Self mastery
  • Self hypnosis
  • Super learning

“The floatation tank environment causes a person’s brainwaves to change from beta (wide awake and alert) to alpha to theta, which is associated with vivid imagery. The float tank provides a reliable means to achieve and sustain this beneficial state without the years of practice that is normally required by advanced meditators to achieve theta at will. This normally occurs in the 2nd half of an hour long float session so if it’s your first time, you shouldn’t expect instant results.” – The Book Of Floating by Michael Hutchison

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