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Super Learning in the Float Tank

Andy’s Super Learning in the Float Tank

Written by Anton 04.12.2017

I’m relatively new to float tanks but the idea of them has intrigued me ever since hearing about them on a Joe Rogan podcast. What makes it so interesting is you begin to think, “I wonder what weird stuff is going to happen if I shut my eyes and ears off and lose all sense of my body? Will I go insane and scream in Hebrew? Will I fall asleep and dream about Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds? Will Nicholas Cage appear in search of treasure?” The good thing about this is the experience doesn’t promise anything. It merely points out what you could notice before, during and after. For some people it might not even be a positive experience because if there’s something nagging at you it will come to the foreground and smack you right in the face!

This is a nice contrast compared to some of the nonsense out there these days. Honestly have you seen some of the claims out there? “Health guru’s” make out like a teaspoon of coconut oil is going to pay your mortgage if you have enough of it! (in addition to a balanced diet of course).

For context, I’m a practical person. If I’m doing a yoga class it’s not to “feel the beautiful earth beneath my beautiful feet in search of my authentic self #namaste” – it’s to stretch. You see? I don’t like BS. I want something that’s a bit more black and white and to me it just makes sense that a float tank will do something to your psyche. How can it not? So, with that being said I conducted a practical experiment. The question, does floating improve your memory? See the video below to watch the result…

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