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The Urban Monk Mindfulness Program

The Urban Monk Mindfulness Program

Written by Anton 02.11.2020


We live in a hyperconnected world where we connect with more people and things than ever before, causing our attention to be glued to our phones and PC screens. We share our experiences literally with thousands of people in an instant, but often it feels that something is missing like it’s not enough.  Despite all of this connectivity, we grow more and more disconnected from our own experiences. It feels like we are brushing over our lives like we are on a fast train. We consume a wider variety of what life has to offer, but yet we seldom go deep enough or get any fulfilment or satisfaction with what we do. This contributes to increased levels of stress and anxiety-related illnesses in the worldwide.

Science finds one of the answers to this in ancient practices like mindfulness. Now it’s clear that there are a huge curiosity and demand for mindfulness in our society. It’s been touted and praised for its effects on stress reduction, self-understanding and emotional intelligence. So what is this thing all about, and how is it done- have you been wondering?

For the past 8 years, Float Culture has been helping Aucklanders to connect with their own internal experiences in the serenity of the floatation tank. We’ve helped thousands of our clients to reduce stress, improve self-understanding and emotional intelligence- sound familiar? 

The floatation tank is a deep enabler of meditation and mindful exploration. Removed of all external distractions, enveloped in warmth and comfort, you’re liberated of physical discomfort and freed to focus on your internal experience, connecting with your body through the breath. 

To help you to take this connection to the next level and create a lasting change we put together The Urban Monk Program. It’s a 3-week long voyage toward mindfulness. It combines float sessions with daily meditations, guided breathing techniques, and personalised reminders (and more!) to help make mindfulness an easy-to-follow addition to your daily life. Grounded in Zen philosophy, the program provides valuable insights, simplifying practices and theories to add to your life in a meaningful way.

The Program includes:

  • 3 weeks course
  • 4 float sessions
  • Daily lessons + Insights
  • Reminders + Guided Meditations
  • Tools + Strategies to Calm the mind
  • Journal + Reflection task
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