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Read before your first float

Your First Float

Written by Anton 10.02.2015

Here is what you need to know:

Float session is the easiest pastime ever. All you need is to show up at Float Culture, 12 Water Street, Grafton 10 minutes before your session. Our friendly staff will take you through a short and easy briefing on how to use our floatation pods.

All our floatation rooms designed to maximise privacy of your experience (no need for a swimsuit). Each room has a shower, a toilet and a hair dryer. You will be provided with a big, fluffy, fresh towel, earplugs and a natural hair/body/skin range to complement rejuvenating effects of Epsom Salts after the session.

Before Your First Session:

  • We don’t recommend shaving on the day of your float session. The high concentrations of Epsom Salt could be irritating to freshly shaved skin. We do provide Vaseline for customers to cover small cuts.
  • Take a shower before your float session. Do not use conditioner prior to the session. You are welcome to enjoy full natural skin care range after your float.
  • A full stomach is not great for floating, neither is the empty one. Having a light, easily digestible meal 2 hours before your session would be ideal.
  • Being dehydrated is not ideal for the experience, neither is for your body. We recommend staying properly hydrated daily.
  • Smoking just prior your session may alert you too much, diminishing benefits of floatation. Floatation is a powerful aid to overcoming addictive behaviours.
  • Avoid having caffeine prior to the session; it would completely destroy your floatation experience. By the end of your float you wouldn’t even need your daily caffeine fix.
  • It is very beneficial to float after physical activities or sports.

Your First Float:

Before you take your first float, there are several things for you to consider.

In a dark, quiet environment, you will be floating in very buoyant water, heated to skin temperature. You will have the feeling of floating weightlessly in space.

Your experience will depend on your state of mind and your expectations.

Reactions have ranged from euphoria to boredom; the most common response is deep relaxation. Knowing what to expect physically will make your experience a truly satisfying one.

Generally much of the first float is spent getting used to this new environment. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the surroundings right away.

You will be aware initially of your breathing and your heartbeat. This is a good sign! In the absence of external stimulation, this awareness will actually help you to relax.

During the relaxation process, you may be aware of the areas of your body that hold more tension and resist relaxation. Old injuries are often cushioned by the body’s tightening of the surrounding muscles.

Often the back of the neck is an area of some special tension. Let your head fall back a little and your neck will relax. Don’t worry about your head. It will not sink. You may want to experiment with different arm positions to help you relax. There are several – at your sides, straight up over your head, or behind your neck.


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