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Stay Zen

How to smash deadlines and stay zen with floating

Written by Anton 10.02.2016

Crunch time. Deadlines. We all have these periods that consume all our attention pop up in our lives. Often times the work seems so daunting and monumental that it manages to push aside just about everything else that is unrelated. Too often this includes pushing aside the things that keep us happy, healthy and less stressed like exercise or proper sleep.

Usually, whenever I come up against these crunch times, I inevitably start to feel the stress accumulating. I feel it in the increasing tension in my neck and shoulders from the long hours of sitting at a desk. Quality sleep becomes even more elusive. It becomes harder to get to sleep in the first place, and what sleep you get is not nearly so restful. In turn, all this stress takes its toll on my productivity and attention, where only so much of it can be made up for with coffee.

I recently came up against this familiar scenario again. I decided this time to try to keep on my healthy routines. I still exercised, but quality sleep still managed to elude me. However, by now regular floating had also become a part of my healthy routines. Though time was short, I figured it could at least make up for my lack of restfulness the way coffee cannot.

The stress relief from the float was immediate. It was like releasing the pressure from a valve. The amazing thing with floating is that no matter how stressed I am, and no matter how much my mind races during the float, I can always count on coming out feeling completely relaxed. There is no better anti-stressor and productivity booster than a relaxed headspace. You think clearer, feel more self-assured and focused, and less anxious. Not to mention, it dramatically improves your sleep quality. You get more restfulness even with less sleep.

Making time for stress relief is not just something special for yourself. It is one of the best things you can do for your work as well. And floating is one of the most effective and easiest ways to do that without your stress getting in the way.

By James Stannard

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