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A First Float Experience: Do My Thoughts Have an Off Button?

A First Float Experience

Written by Anton 09.04.2019

I walked into my very first float with a lot of expectations. I was excited and a bit apprehensive, I had devoured every bit of information available on the world wide web. I had crawled YouTube & Facebook and spent many minutes googling things like:

What is Floating?

Why is floating good for me?” and

How to use float tank?

I had also listened to many hours of Joe Rogan. It’s a commonly known fact that you can’t listen to Joe talk about his float tank, without wanting to buy one of your own. Luckily for me, I found Float Culture, a float centre in Auckland, that lets you book sessions in THEIR tanks instead. Much easier. 

So, I booked my first float online and headed in expecting a psychedelic, out of this world experience. 

What actually happened:

At first – Nothing. 

I wanted to make sure my first float would be comfortable, so I opted for one of the float rooms with lots of space. Before I got in, the host explained that I was the boss of the light & door and I could get out at any time. I liked my spacious float room and that comforting info, but I still wondered what I had gotten myself into. 

In the tank, I pushed myself from one side of the tank to the other,
I listened to the gentle meditation music, attempting to lull me into relaxation (and I swear I heard my brain telling it not to bother),
I wondered if I would be bored, and whether the world would be ok without me for an hour. 

Then, very suddenly I learned what it was like to be totally relaxed. Relaxing had never ever ever been my strong suit. I’ve always needed to be multitasking to the edge of my sanity. This ‘peace and quiet’ thing was foreign to me, and I kind of loved it. 

I don’t know if it was the rapid disappearance of my stress, or that I was floating on water in an Epsom salt cocktail, but the whole thing made me a little giddy. I started to giggle at the absolute ridiculousness of life (ridiculousness that I had never really noticed until that moment), and how fortunate I was to be living it. 

I floated for what felt like ages, and simultaneously no time at all. I had no idea how much time had passed, or what might be happening on my phone/ at my job, and I didn’t care. It was blissful. 

Then the music came back on, I had my shower, dried my hair & straight away booked my next float.

(I think I might be hooked)

By Jennifer White

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