Experience profound peace, mindfulness and complete physical relaxation in 60 minutes.

What is Floating?

Floatation involves lying in a super-saturated Epsom-salt solution about 30cm deep. The salt water solution is heated to skin temperature 35.5C. Once you are settled, it is almost impossible to tell which parts of your body are in the water and which aren’t. The high density of our saline solution will make you feel completely weightless, letting every single muscle in your body fully relax. The float pods are specifically designed to block out all external distractions, such as sights, sounds, tactile sensations and gravity.

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Experience profound tranquility,
rest and recuperation.

At Auckland’s floatation tank centre you will experience total sensory deprivation; a liberating weightlessness that delivers deep mental relaxation, complete release from stress and a sense of wellbeing unlike anything you ever dreamed possible.

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