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Achieving peak performance

Achieving peak performance

Written by Anton 09.08.2016

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

What do Australian Olympic teams American football teams the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, the American baseball team Philadelphia Phillies, Olympic Gold medallist Carl Lewis, Ironman champion Peter Reid, and the United States and have in common?

They all use floatation tanks for visualisation, recuperation and rejuvenation.

“The AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) psychologists use float tanks for three main purposes: recuperation and rejuvenation, injury rehabilitation and neuro-muscular programming. The floatation tank represents a new dimension in sports training for the elite athlete.” – Former Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) head psychologist Jeff Bond, as reported in The Australian Doctor.

  • The gravity free salt solution takes the weight off the spinal column and improves blood flow for higher levels of rest and recuperation
  • Relaxed, alert state can last from hours up to days
  • By helping athletes achieve the theta state – equal to deep meditation – floatation tanks are great visualisation and imagery tools
  • Floatation’s unparalleled rejuvenation benefits enhance an athlete’s mental state with increased confidence, concentration, calmness and poise

Widely accepted as a useful tool in sports medicine and performance psychology, floatation – when combined with regular training, nutrition and mental preparation – can help boost performance, stamina, speed, strength and co-ordination.

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