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Unlock Creativity

Unlock Creativity: Into the creative flow with floatation

Written by Anton 09.08.2016

Creative geniuses like John Lennon, Kris Kristofferson, Peter Gabriel and Robin Williams understood the power of floatation to enhance their creativity and relaxation.

Floating slows down your brain wave patterns until your mind slips into the theta state that can only be achieved moments just before falling asleep and waking up, or during deep meditation – a state characterised by insights, inspiration, free association, vivid imagery and clear, creative thoughts. The release of endorphins enhances your feelings of euphoria and extreme wellbeing.

“I’m actually floating in only ten inches of heated water and I’m able to lie any way I please without submerging. Centring myself easily, I’m unaware of any walls. The freedom of near weightlessness is what feels best of all, though – a playfully pleasurable sensation. Now I know why astronauts on TV news reports are always smiling.” – Cosmopolitan

They say that worry is a misuse of your imagination. When you float, the total absence of sensation and stress frees up your mind’s ability to float free.

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