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Escaping By The Float or Jane’s First Float

Escaping By The Float or Jane’s First Float

Written by Anton 10.02.2015

Just this week I had my very first experience in a sensory deprivation tank.

Here is why I decided to surrender myself to complete darkness, silence.

I have noticed within the past couple of years, I’ve been living in a rather addictive behaviour of needing to be productive and active. My daily routine was composed of exercise, studying, researching, travelling, socialising and although thoroughly enjoyable and challenging, in some cases, it became destructive to my well-being. So I searched for an option that would counteract the critical thinking and physical demands of my current life. That’s how floatation tank came up.

The rationale for incorporating the floatation tank into my lifestyle is to gain clarity, peace and tranquility and allow myself to escape. Weeks I dwelled on the idea of trying the floatation tank, I did a bit more research and looked into other people’s experiences and reasons for trying out sensory deprivation. The one that struck me most was Joe Rogan’s Experience. His view on floatation pods is to use it as a tool to think and look inwards. I clung to his words with most interest as he proclaimed his experiences of really “letting go” and reaching total relaxation that delivers clarity of mind.

The experience I had from entering Float Culture was enjoyable. It felt like a spa that was very well presented and I immediately felt more at ease. As it was an initial consult the focus was on getting me accustomed to it, so I was given an introduction including some instructions to follow before entering, during and after the float. Once I was inside the float pod, with earplugs in and all clothing off I was lying in a pitch black bubble filled with salty water and some meditative, calming music that began playing moments into the float.

During my float, I began to feel a total absence of sensation, my stress faded away that enabled my mind to float free. It was a superb feeling when I had reached calmness and to just be still in the moment. After the float I felt completely elevated and at peace. It’s exciting and I am excited that such an option is available for holistic healing of the mind and body.

By Jane Skelton

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