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Written by Anton 03.05.2016

The secret to real relaxation – switch off, shut down

When you are in sensory deprivation tank your body mind is provided with clues that it is not under threat. This triggers a relaxation response called “rest and digest”. When you are in the state of “rest and digest” your “parasympathetic nervous system” is engaged wich produces:

  • Decrease in blood pressure and average heart rate.
  • Increase in digestions, so more nutrients are absorbed.
  • Removal of toxins.

Floatation therapy triggers relaxation response by removing the majority of sensory input, that helps to switch off “fight and flight” response and brings about “rest and digest” state, that is associated with muscle relaxation, restoration and growth.

Over time floatation therapy helps to train your mind and parasympathetic nervous system to bring relaxation response easier.

“A number of scientific studies have compared the effects of Floating against just resting in bed. It was conclusively shown that beneficial effects of floating did not occur while resting in bed.” 


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