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Lyle's Story of Floating to de-stress

Lyle’s story of floating to de-stress

Written by Anton 10.08.2020

“Before finding float culture, I was stressed —to say the least. 

I was a contractor and my contract was due to end with no future opportunities in sight. . .

I became exhausted losing sleep every night, tossing and turning, as I worried about the next day . . .

It was tough going to work because I’d make mistakes while tired and ended up becoming frustrated with my performance . . .

Not too mention, I’d pushed my cups of coffee from one a day to four just to stay afloat until the afternoon. 

The more the stress mounted, the harder it became to switch off.  And while I wanted to learn mediation, I could never find the time to sit and quiet my mind every day. 

I decided to try herbal teas, natural remedies, and even binaural beats just to beat my stress. 

Nothing was working. 

That’s until I found float culture.  

With just a one-hour session each week, I reaped the benefits of what felt like hours of meditation. 

After finishing my first float session, I felt like a washcloth which had been squeezed only instead of water all of my anxiety had been released. 

I started to feel lighter than before despite my personal situation not changing. 

In fact, that first evening after the float was one of my best nights of sleep.

Every float that followed only kept me stress-free and it quickly became clear that floating would be a little-known but amazing practice that I could tap into. 

I’m thankful that I gave floating a go!” Lyle

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