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Building A Float Practice

Why Consistent Floating Makes A Major Difference

Written by andre 14.06.2019

Many people are blown away and left a bit speechless by their first (or first few) floats, often because it’s such a unique environment and the sensory deprivation involved, your body and mind are able to relax deeper than ever before.

But that’s really just the beginning of what floating (or floatation therapy) can do for you.

I remember my first float over 7 years ago when it was still relatively unknown, just before the industry started to grow into what it is today. It had that lasting effect for me and it was a year or two until I was able to try it again. At the time, I didn’t and couldn’t really see how integrating this into my life as a regular practice would impact all aspects of my health, wellness and work like it has now.

Since then, I’ve had over 100 floats over a few years that was on and off for some time, a fairly consistent biweekly practice and has now led to a weekly practice that I’ve committed to for all of this year.

These are just some of the benefits I’ve seen for myself:

  • Lower back pain and issues fixed
  • Improved stress management
  • Lower levels of anxiety
  • Less issues with depression
  • Reduced pain and issues with past injuries
  • Boosted energy and mood
  • Huge gains in productivity
  • Deeper, more consistent state of calm
  • Increase in other beneficial habits

I believe we’re all so overworked, stressed out and simultaneously engaged and distracted from these new technologies that have taken over essentially every aspect of our lives that 60 minutes of pure silence and rest is revolutionary.

For me it has been.

Initially, it was increasingly difficult for me to ‘tune out’ and disconnect from my phone and email as I was still early on in running multiple businesses myself. Time was a huge theme that seemed to haunt me during my floats, making it harder to fully let go and get the rest I needed. Now that I’m past it, I can see how that’s only a greater reason and sign that I needed to keep going so I could learn to relax.

Apparently, I’d forgotten.

If you’ve had the chance to float more than once (especially after your first 3 sessions), you may have started to experience how the benefits can deepen and start to compound, both individually and the total impact it can have on your life.

Personally, I have seen massive improvements across my relationships, free time and hobbies, work and productivity, general health and wellness, and even just my baseline mood and experience of life. Nothing that I have tried has come close to the same impact of integrating a float practice, which is why I’ve continued it for so long.

Just like you need to stay consistent with your physical health with a regular routine of working out or going to the gym to maintain or improve your current state, regular floating helps you keep or improve your baseline for all of these areas it can help.

To me, it’s the perfect solution to better managing the pressures of our modern world so you can thrive and I can’t think of a better investment for my money or 60 minutes each week than my weekly float session.

Interested to see how starting a regular float practice can help improve your life? Learn more about the benefits of our membership and the compounding benefits of floating.

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