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Pregnant? Take a load off...


Written by Anton 09.04.2016

After consultation with your doctor or midwife, you will find that floatation’s weightless state takes the load off you, literally. By taking the weight of your feet, spine and the rest of your body, floatation is the ultimate in ‘me time’, relaxation and pain relief.

Enjoy a peace and quiet and a level of comfort you never thought possible in your 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

“I was eight months pregnant when I floated for the first time. Pregnancy takes a toll on every muscle in your body, especially your torso. Ironically, the times when you get a chance to rest is when the baby becomes more active and its weight continues to put stress on your muscles.

While floating, I expected the baby to be very active, but was pleasantly surprised. Since there was no pressure from any side, the baby didn’t feel the need to kick or roll around. It was the best rest I’ve had in several months. I would recommend floating to anyone, pregnant or not, for a time of physical and mental renewal.” – Heather Warren

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