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Reduce depression and anxiety

Reduce depression and anxiety

Written by Anton 09.03.2016

A study of 50 people who went though a 6-week treatment of Floatation Therapy found a remission rate of 37%. The effects were produced by the ability of the float environment to break down the connection between negative thoughts and a strong body response. When an anxiety sufferer has a negative thought, they feel it throughout their body. Because floatation tank environment puts your body in a state of relaxation, the thoughts are unable to have such a strong impact on the body and this association can be broken down.

“Floatation also elevated the participants’ optimism and reduced the degree of anxiety or depression.” – National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland.

If you are planning to use floatation tank as a tool to combat anxiety, you have to take it slow and be persistent. Generally, anxiety sufferers find it difficult for the first few sessions and only then are able to feel comfortable and safe in the float tank environment.


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