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Let all your troubles float away at Auckland’s floatation centre

The secret to real relaxation – switch off, shut down When you are in sensory deprivation tank your body mind is provided with clues that it is not under threat. This triggers a relaxation response called “rest and digest”. When you are in the state of “rest and digest” your “parasympathetic nervous system” is engaged […]

We know that chronic pain has both mental and physical ascents, effecting out mind and body. Floatation therapy’s effects on both makes it a great help for chronic pain. Major studies found Floatation’s effectiveness for easing physical aspects of pain and chronic pain, such as muscle tension but also supports mental strength to deal with pain. People suffering […]

According to New Zealand Ministry of Health, stress is one of the major causes of illness and general malaise in New Zealand. Many health problems are caused or exacerbated by stress, including heart disease, back and neck pain, low immune systems and obesity. Floatation is ideal for reducing stress in those who have already succumbed […]

After consultation with your doctor or midwife, you will find that floatation’s weightless state takes the load off you, literally. By taking the weight of your feet, spine and the rest of your body, floatation is the ultimate in ‘me time’, relaxation and pain relief. Enjoy a peace and quiet and a level of comfort […]

Eliminating stress and its effect on your body will help you feel and look great. Tension plays a major part in the appearance of your skin, but the sense of wellbeing that floatation delivers means that you will be radiating confidence and energy in no time. Mothers have been promoting the benefits of Epsom Salts […]

A study of 50 people who went though a 6-week treatment of Floatation Therapy found a remission rate of 37%. The effects were produced by the ability of the float environment to break down the connection between negative thoughts and a strong body response. When an anxiety sufferer has a negative thought, they feel it […]

Stress has been linked to an increased strain on the body’s systems which increases energy consumption, leading to fatigue. Stress also known to burn a lot of energy, which decreases our ability to process nutrients effectively and can decrease sleep quality. Therefore it can lead to a greater utilization of energy thereby decreasing fatigue!