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Why Floating Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

Why Floating Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

Written by andre 19.11.2019

Gift giving and the holidays can bring stress, anxiety and much-needed reflection — which is one of the reasons why floating can be such a great present for your loved ones. The benefits of floating for your mind, body and life are numerous, making it not only a unique experience if they haven’t tried it before, along with profound relaxation, pain relief or a key to quality ‘me-time’.

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The Gift That Gives You What You Need

Why Floating Makes the Perfect Gift

  • Unique Experience – Floating (or floatation therapy) is still a relatively new wellness tool that many people have yet to try and the specific environment created in your float cabin or pod with no light, sound, or pressures on your body is unlike anything else. That’s why you’re able to dive deeper into new levels of relaxation and rest.
  • Reset Your Stress – We all have stress and don’t always feel like we have time or tools available to handle it properly, yet it’s one of the major causes of illness and malaise in New Zealand. Floating has been shown to reduce stress in scientific research.
  • Me Time, Guaranteed – For the moms and ultra-busy loved ones in your life, it can be difficult to find time for themselves with no distractions. A 60-minute float session can feel like a blissful vacation, where time and all your worries and to-do lists dissolve into the salty waters.
  • Big Bag of Benefits – Whether it’s to help your mental health, improve your sleep and fight fatigue, or get profound pain relief, floatation therapy provides so many different benefits that it has something for everyone.

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